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You can upload these file types:

• Word
• PowerPoint

PDFs work best. If you need to convert any Microsoft Office file into a PDF, please see the FAQ for this below. Files can be either portrait or landscape in orientation, and up to 1GB in size.

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Yes you can! Your documents will be resized to the requested A size, in proportion.

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Doxdirect is compatible with iOS, Android and most other mobile devices. You can use your phone's file manager or iCloud to upload files, as well as file storage apps including Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive. You can upload documents from any number of these locations when placing your order.

The file types you can upload are the same as on the desktop website: PDF, Word, PowerPoint, JPG and PNG.

Please see our Doxdirect mobile guide for instructions on uploading and ordering documents on your mobile device.

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Yes! You can do this from your computer, tablet or mobile if you register a customer account with Doxdirect.

View the Easy Reordering Guide.

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When printing a large area in black, select the 'Colour' option on your product description for a deeper black finish, rather than the 'Black and While' option.

When printing in ‘Black and White‘, black toner is used and therefore large areas of black will have a grey/light black finish. However, when selecting the ‘Colour‘ option, a combination of colours is used, and this creates a deeper black and opaque finish.

The weight of the paper is measured in ‘gsm’ which means grams per square metre. For example, 80gsm means 80 grams of paper per square metre, which is a thin paper, and 300gsm means 300 grams per square metre, which is a thin card.

The paper options available on this website are:

• 80gsm: A standard paper, suitable for basic ring binders, spiral bound documents, saddle stitched booklets or unbound sheets.

• 100gsm: Also a standard paper, suitable for hardback and paperback books.

• 120gsm & 130gsm: Slightly thicker, and suitable for all of the above products if you'd like a higher quality finish.

• 160gsm & 170gsm: Thick papers, perfect for a flyers or leaflets, or for more luxurious ring binders, spiral bound documents or unbound sheets.

• 300gsm: A thin card, perfect for certificates or photo prints.

• 400gsm: A thicker card, which we use for business cards.

The paper finishes we offer are:

• Plain - matt and bright white, better for large amounts of text.

• Satin - soft sheen, off-white, ideal for full coverage.

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Please refer to our edge-to-edge printing guide for all the info you need.

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We offer a 'Same day production' option, which means that we will print and process your order on the same day if we receive it before 3pm Monday to Friday, or 11am Saturday.

If you require the fastest possible service, we recommend that you choose 'Same day production' and 'Next Day Guaranteed' delivery to receive your order the next day (or on Monday when ordering on a Saturday).

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Our standard service is to produce your order in 2 working days from the day of your order. For example, if you order on a Tuesday, then your order will be produced Tuesday/Wednesday and despatched on Thursday. If you order on a Saturday, then your order will be produced Saturday /Monday and despatched on Tuesday.

Note: Delivery time is in addition to Production time, and our standard delivery service is Free Royal Mail Tracked. Although Royal Mail aim to deliver within 1 day of the despatch date, they do not guarantee this (and therefore we cannot guarantee the delivery timescale for this option).

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This is possible by ordering before 3pm Monday to Friday and choosing 'Same day production'.

You can also use the 'Same day production' service until 11am on Saturday for delivery on Monday.

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We produce orders on Saturdays, but not Sundays or over public holidays. So if you place your order on a Sunday it will be produced as though it has been placed on the following Monday.

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Please enter your discount code in the box marked 'Voucher code' on the checkout page (after uploading and configuring your document, and before making the payment). Make sure to click 'Apply'.

Please note: As stated in our terms and conditions, discount codes must be applied before purchase, and cannot be applied/refunded after the order has been placed. Thank you.

voucher code input

This is the page where you can apply your discount code:

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We have a variety of payment options available on desktop and mobile.
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

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Unfortunately not, all of our packaging, tape and paperwork is Doxdirect branded.

Yes. Please untick the box labelled 'This is also the delivery address' on the Checkout page, then enter the delivery address.

We are unable to offer free proofs/samples. You will be able to view a digital proof/preview of your document when placing your order.

Alternatively you could place an order and pay for just one item. If you are happy with it you could then proceed with the main order by using our Easy Reordering system, or if you're  unhappy you can return it to us for a refund.

Don't worry, no payment details are included with the order, just a list of the items that are on it. The giftee will not know how much you have paid.

We sometimes offer credit terms to companies. To apply please email credit@doxdirect.com

In most cases, we recommend leaving at least 5mm margins all the way around, this ensures the text is safe.

For Paperback or Hardback books you may lose up to 8mm into the spine depending on the number of pages and stock chosen, so ideally the margins should be 15mm.

For Ring Binders and Spiral Bound, please allow 15mm, to make sure the holes will not punch your content.