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    • Customisable tabbed dividers
    • Optional card covers and acetate outer covers

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What is Spiral Binding?

Spiral binding (also known as wire binding, coil binding, wiro binding and wire-o binding) is a very popular and cost-effective binding method. Spiral bound documents are bound like a notepad with a wire insert threaded through small holes punched in the margin of the document.

Spiral Binding Service

Doxdirect binds documents using wire binding, which is very similar to spiral binding but rather than the wire being threaded through the pages like a coil, the pages are placed on a C-shaped wire spine which is then closed into a cylindrical shape to bind the document. This allows the pages to lie completely flat when the document is opened.

How much does it cost to get a book spiral bound?

The price varies depending on the desired specifications. Black and white is cheaper compared to colour and ordering more copies lowers the price per copy. Adding optional card covers, acetate covers or tabs will increase the price. Use the price calculator to get a quick quote for your spiral bound book.

Spiral Bound Books Features

  • Contents can be printed in either colour or black and white
  • Covers can be printed in either colour or black and white, on 300gsm paper
  • Plain white or black 300gsm card can be inserted as front and/or back covers
  • A clear or opaque acetate outer cover can be added to the front or back of your document
  • Tabs can be inserted to separate sections or chapters
  • 3 wire colours to choose from


  • Blue paper icon
    Size / Orientation

    A3 portrait or landscape
    Left hand or top binding edge

    A4 portrait or landscape
    Left hand or top binding edge

    A5 portrait or landscape
    Left hand or top binding edge

  • Blue paper icon

    Black & White

    80-300gsm (plain or satin)

    80-300gsm (plain or satin)

    Printed covers are 300gsm as standard and printed single sided

  • Blue paper icon
    Quantity / Pages

    Minimum order
    1 copy

    Single sided
    1 pages to 300 pages

    Double sided
    1 pages to 600 pages

What can I use Spiral Bound Books documents for?

  • Spiral bound books can have many uses, from simply using as a notebook or journal, to printing a book draft that is perfect for editing. If you know that you want to write or draw on the pages then 80gsm, 120gsm or 160gsm white plain would be the best paper type to go for.

    One of our popular spiral bound products are recipe books. These would be great on a heavier 170 or 300gsm satin, and with outer clear and opaque acetate covers, then they will be splashproof when closed.

    Personal exercise programmes that have been downloaded are brilliant as spiral bound books, they can lay flat, making it easier to see your workouts at a glance.

    Workbooks, planners and activity books also benefit from having the ability to lay flat, for ease of writing inside.

    To make your own personal sketchbook we would recommend this product, on a 300gsm plain paper, perfect for outdoor sketching with the acetate covers for added protection from dirt and moisture.

    If you have lost a manual or instruction booklet but have found it online, a quick simple spiral bound book with 80gsm paper and no covers make a good replacement.

    Stuck for things for the kids to do on long journeys? Download some colouring sheets and collate them into a spiral bound book for a colouring book on the go!

    If you're at uni and presenting a thesis or dissertation, these can be the ideal low cost way to present them to your tutor.

    Another idea for spiral bound book could be to have a photo book printed as a souvenir of a journey or celebration.

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