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Hardback Book Printing

Doxdirect book printing services uses a simple upload, customise and order process to turn your documents into beautiful, bookshop quality hardback books. We hand-make all our hardcover books to ensure the highest quality and finish to your documents. As well as providing excellent quality hardback book printing and book binding, our online Cover Design Tool – which allows you to create or customise the cover of your book – makes us a very popular choice of hardback book printers online. Because this is a digital printing service, Doxdirect can offer offer low number print runs, even one-off hardback book printing if you only require one copy of your masterpiece!

Our hardback books are printed and perfect bound by hand at A5 and A4 sizes in both landscape and portrait orientation, with a left hand binding edge. Finish it with a high gloss or matt laminate to achieve the perfect look. When choosing hardback book binding you can upload a different size document to the size you wish to have it printed. For example, you can upload an A4 size document to print at A5 size and vice versa (please be aware that scaling up too much may result in a loss of quality, particularly with images and graphics).

What does Perfect Binding mean?

Perfect binding is a method of book binding in which the pages (or leaves) of the book are bound together and secured to the spine and covers using glue, rather than by sewing. The glue is a thermal glue, which is strong yet flexible, allowing the book to bend at the same time as providing a secure binding. With hardback (or hardcover) books the inner pages are glued and then trimmed on three edges to give a ‘perfect’ finish, before the covers and spine are affixed by hand.

  • Blue paper icon
    Size / Orientation

    A4 portrait or landscape
    Left hand binding edge

    A5 portrait or landscape
    Left hand binding edge

  • Blue paper icon

    100-130gsm (plain or satin)

    Black & White
    100-130gsm (plain or satin)

    Hardback with spine

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    Quantity / Pages

    Minimum order
    1 copy

    Single sided
    10 pages to 292 pages

    Double sided
    20 pages to 584 pages

What can I use Hardback Book Printing documents for?

  • One of the most popular paperback book orders we recieve are for a yearbook. These make a fantastic keepsake for students, that will keep for many years to come with your choice of gloss or matt finish on the cover.

    They are also a great way to print your next novel, anthology or poetry collection, as you can print up to 584 double sided pages.

    If you want to run off your first self-published book, you can choose from 100gsm plain, 120gsm plain or 130gsm satin, and black and white, or colour inner pages.

    Other uses may be for a company handbook, or textbook robust and practical.

    You can have a porfolio printed - a photography or an art book, or use it to create a photobook.

    Paperback books are great for a collection of motivational quotes or to print as a memoir or autobiography to hand out to family.

    Activity books, craft books or colouring books would be great printed at A4 size. We also recommend them for a thesis or dissertation to present at university or college.

    As a journal or biography, recording your interests, these will look good on any shelf!


  • Covers can be created from the first and last pages of your document or you can use our Cover Design Tool to create a cover for your book
  • Covers are printed in colour as standard
  • Covers are matt or gloss laminated
  • Inside front and back covers are white as standard (unprinted)
  • Contents can be printed in either colour or black and white
  • Pages can be printed double or single sided

Print Hardback Book

Book cover design

  • Doxdirect offers a free online book cover design service, so you can easily design a book cover in your browser while placing your order. You can choose to design a complete cover from scratch, upload pre-designed artwork, use the first and last pages of your document as the front and back covers, or simply choose to have blank covers. See our creating a cover for your book page to find out how.

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In addition to creating beautiful hardback books, Doxdirect offers a range of binding options and printed products for whatever you need. We offer paperback book binding, spiral and ring binding, as well as saddle stitched binding.