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    • Durable and Water Resistant
    • A3, A4, A5 and A6 sizes
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  • encapsulated sheets
  • encapsulated sheets
  • encapsulated sheets


Sheet encapsulation is usually used to add strength and durability to the final product. Just upload your Word or PDF document and we will turn it into an excellent quality encapsulated document. You can order from one or two, to a million copies, whatever it is you need! Each one of our resistant sheets is made to ensure the highest quality and finish of your product.

What is encapsulation?

Encapsulation is the process of covering a printed sheet with a rigid strong plastic which provides extra protection and durability. This means encapsulation will make your documents water resistant. It involves covering both sides of the printed sheet with plastic and securing it with a sealed plastic border. Because of this, it’s perfect for menus, signs, placemats or anything you wish to place outdoors. Perfect for any product that is going to be regularly handled or needs extra coverage.

Difference between Lamination and Encapsulation

  • Encapsulation:  It’s the process of applying a waterproof, durable plastic film to the surface. Covering the paper on both sides with a 3-5mm plastic border to provide a protective coating.
  • Lamination: It’s the process of covering (but not encapsulating) paper or card with a thin layer of plastic. Trimmed to the edge, it enhances the item but it is NOT waterproof.

If you do not require a border or a weatherproof solution we recommend you check our poster lamination option. In sizes A0, A1, A2, A3 and A4.

What can I use it for?

For menus, maps, placemats, signage and more. We will print, encapsulate and deliver to wherever you need it!

Encapsulation will make your documents waterproof and wipeable. Great for outdoors or anywhere where humidity, or dirt levels are high. We highly recommend encapsulation for posters displayed outdoors. Also for busy areas such as school corridors.


Options for Encapsulation

  • Blue paper icon
    Size / Orientation

    A3 portrait or landscape

    A4 portrait or landscape

    A5 portrait or landscape

    A6 portrait or landscape

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    160-300gsm (plain or satin)

    Black & White
    160-300gsm (plain or satin)

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    Quantity / Pages

    Minimum order
    1 copy

    Min 1 page / Max unlimited

What can I use Encapsulated documents for?

  • We can encapsulate documents as small as A6, which can be perfect for use as an identification card.

    Great uses for encapsulated documents are outdoor signage, menus and recipe sheets, to keep them from being water damaged.

    Encapsulated documents can be written on with a whiteboard pen and wiped off, so they are great used as educational, reusable worksheets and used many times over.

    If you encapsulate a certificate or reference sheet then you can ensure that the document will stay in good shape and not get dog-eared over time.

    At A3 size they are perfect for signs, information, visual aids and general mounting to keep noticeboards neat and well arranged.

    The plastic outer provides the perfect protection for charts, house rules and samples.

  • You can choose between 160, 170 and 300gsm paper
  • Contents can be printed in either colour or black and white
  • Pages can be printed double or single sided

Encapsulate Document

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