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Book printing

Doxdirect offers online book printing and book binding so you can transform your documents into beautiful, handmade paperback and hardback books that would fit right in nestled on any bookshop shelf.

Whether you’re creating your school yearbook, turning your gap-year journal into something really special, publishing your memoirs or unleashing your dissertation on the world, you can use our single copy book printing service to order from as little as 1 copy, or a full run of tens, hundreds or thousands!

As with all Doxdirect orders, you can customise your book with options like full colour or black and white contents and covers, as well as matt or gloss laminated covers to achieve the required look and feel of your product. You can also use our online Cover Design Tool to create a personalised cover for your book.

Book printing is perfect for…

Turning your diary or journal, collection of favourite recipes, PhD thesis, or that novel that has always been inside you, into a high-quality hardback or paperback book. Some Doxdirect customers have used our single copy book printing service to create comics, graphic novels, coffee table books, photobooks, Valentine’s Day gifts or birthday presents for their loved ones, historical records or other hobby related subjects.

Perfect binding for book printing

At Doxdirect we specialise in perfect binding for A4 and A5 size paperback and hardback books. Perfect binding means that the pages of the book are printed, and then bonded together with a strong yet flexible glue, which also fixes them to the hardback or paperback cover. The three edges of the inner pages are trimmed before being attached to the cover, resulting in a perfectly neat edge on all sides – hence the name ‘perfect’ binding.

  • Blue paper icon
    Size / Orientation

    A4 portrait or landscape
    Left hand binding edge

    A5 portrait or landscape
    Left hand binding edge

  • Blue paper icon

    Black & White
    100-130gsm (plain or satin)

    100-130gsm (plain or satin)

    Hardback and Paperback options available

  • Blue paper icon
    Quantity / Pages

    Minimum order
    1 copy

    Single sided
    10 pages to 300 pages

    Double sided
    20 pages to 600 pages

Book printing features

  • Covers are printed in colour as standard
  • Covers can be created from the first and last pages of your document
  • Covers can be finished in gloss or matt laminate
  • Contents can be printed in either colour or black/white
  • Pages can be printed double or single sided

Book cover design

  • Doxdirect offers a free online book cover design service, so you can easily design a book cover in your browser while placing your order. You can choose to design a complete cover from scratch, upload pre-designed artwork, use the first and last pages of your document as the front and back covers, or simply choose to have blank covers. See our creating a cover for your book page to find out how.

Print a book

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