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What is Corner stapled binding?

Corner stapled binding is the simplest method of document binding. This binding method is for the documents that you need to easily bind, share and store at a really affordable price.
It is done by stapling your printed sheets of documents at the top left corner binding them together.

Why Corner stapled?

Corner stapled binding is one of the cheapest binding methods for your documents for easy handling and preservation.
It is perfect for resume, official handouts, leaflets, newsletters or any other documents with comparatively less number of pages that you want to be distributed and used with utmost flexibility.

Prices for Corner stapled binding

There is no minimum limit to orders that you can put. However, it has to be minimum two pages to be corner stapled.
Prices start with £0.42 for two-page single sided 80gsm white plain paper document. You can order in a range of paper weights and finishes. You can easily get your quote with our price calculator instantly.
Maximum order for Doxdirect corner stapled binding is up to 46 pages for single sided prints and 92 pages for double sided sheets.

Special note

Just remember that full bleed printing or borderless printing is not suitable for corner stapled binding. Your documents must have a border to be stapled at the corner. Otherwise, the stapled binding will enclose your images, diagrams or texts. So, any document that is borderless may have to be printed with a border to be corner stapled.


Options for corner stapled binding

  • Blue paper icon
    Size / Orientation

    Portrait or landscape

  • Blue paper icon

    80-300gsm (plain or satin)

    Black & White
    80-300gsm (plain or satin)

  • Blue paper icon
    Quantity / Pages

    Minimum order
    1 copy

    Corner stapled
    Single sided: Min 2 pages / Max 46 pages
    Double sided: Min 4 pages / Max 92 pages

What can I use Corner Stapled documents for?

  • Your documents are treated with the utmost security, so if you prefer to have documents such as bank statements and reports printed then choosing corner stapled will ensure that they remain together and in order.

    Corner stapled documents are great for holiday home details and house rules.

    If you are running a workshop then it's a great way to give handouts, or a pamphlet or brochure that will be viewed in the right order and kept together.

    Flyers, newsletters and presentations can be printed full colour up to 300gsm and still be corner stapled for practicality.

    For a budget way to print a zine, or self publishing a short story or poetry, we would recommend 130gsm to 300gsm satin paper.

    Other good uses for a corner stapled document include programme of events at a seminar, worksheets, activity handout or school handout.

    Community notices or prototypes and drafts are also excellent uses for having corner stapling.

Print Corner Stapled

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