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  • ringbinder binder
  • Ring binder
  • ringbinder binder

Ring Binding

Classic looking and functional, ring binding your pages is a great way of presenting your documents, particularly those with lots of pages or unique sections/chapters in a neat and organised manner.

Doxdirect ring binder folders are white PVC presentation binders as standard with a clear pocket on the front that you can insert a cover page into should you wish. The spine size of your ring binder will be automatically calculated depending on how many pages your document contains and whether you are printing single or double sided. You may also opt to have either 2 or 4 hole binders and it is always possible to get additional pages printed and hole punched by Doxdirect to add into your ring binder.

What is Ring Binding?

Ring binding is a method of fastening hole punched loose leaf sheets of paper into a plastic binder or file, using a circular or D-shaped metal clamp or retainer which opens and closes to allow pages to be added or removed. The outer covers and spine of the ring binder have clear plastic inserts, into which outer cover pages can be placed.


Options for ring binder printing

  • Blue paper icon
    Size / Orientation

    A5 portrait
    Left hand binding edge

    A4 portrait
    Left hand binding edge

  • Blue paper icon

    80-300gsm (plain or satin)

    Black & White
    80-300gsm (plain or satin)

  • Blue paper icon
    Quantity / Pages

    Minimum order
    1 copy

    Single sided
    1 pages to 591 pages

    Double sided
    2 pages to 1182 pages

What can I use Ring Binding documents for?

  • With its large capacity of up to 1182 pages the ring bound folder is a great option for heavy amounts of content - course notes work particularly well. The beauty of ring bound binding is its versatility in being able to shuffle, add and take away sheets.

    For this reason it is well suited to office and classroom or educational material, for use in school, college or univisity. The same applies to office and business document

    It would make an excellent personal organiser when used to print calendar pages with extra information and space for writing.

    Tabs can be added, which are especially useful for training manuals and guides, recipe collections and home organisation.

    For storing keepsakes, important documents and certificates, you can add your own plastic wallets and keep everything in one place. Therefore it's the perfect place for archiving and storage.

    There is the full range of 80gsm to 300gsm paper choice, great for a presentation, or a proposals folder.

    You could use it for your collections of recipes, knitting or crochet patterns, or craft project pages.

  • Cover can be created from the first page of your document and inserted into the plastic slip on the front of the ring binder (you can remove or change this if you wish.)
  • Cover is printed in colour or black/white
  • Contents can be printed in either colour or black/white
  • Pages can be printed double or single sided
  • Tabs can be labelled and inserted to separate sections or chapters

Print a Ring Binder

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