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How to create a book cover

If you’re ordering a hardback or paperback book from Doxdirect, you can create a book cover online or choose from a number of other options that will give your book a professional looking, bookshop quality finish.

Option 1: Blank covers (no design)

For a simple yet elegant finish, choose blank covers during the order process to have your book printed with clear white covers front and back.

Option 2: Use the first and last pages of your document as the front and back cover

If you’d like page 1 of your document to be the front cover of your book, and the last page of your document to be the back cover, choose this option during the order process. Or you can choose page 1 as the front cover and have a blank back cover.

Option 3: Create a book cover (front, back and spine)

You can create a book cover in your browser using our free online Cover Designer. This allows you to add:

  • Complete artwork for front and back covers (upload directly from your device or Dropbox)
  • Images to place on the covers wherever you like (upload from your device, Dropbox or Facebook)
  • Text in a range of fonts and sizes
  • Background colours and blocks of colour
  • The book’s title and author name on the spine

How to design a book cover

We have two versions of the cover designer one for devices with Adobe Flash enabled, and an updated version for devices without Flash. There’s a how-to video for each of them below, each of which guide you through the steps to create a cover for your book.

If you don’t use Flash:

If you do use Flash:

Here are some more videos for the Flash version of the cover designer, which show how to create a cover from scratch by adding images, text and background colours to a blank cover.

Prefer a PDF to a video?

Please download this handy printable guide that shows you how to create a book cover on Doxdirect step-by-step.

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