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A5 spiral binding

A5 spiral binding (also known as wire binding, coil binding, wiro binding and wire-o binding) is a great format for smaller documents or information books and manuals that you can pick up and take with you wherever you go. The small size means they will fit easily into bags or pockets but with customisable cover and acetate outer covers means they are robust and will always look great.

At Doxdirect we offer both landscape and portrait orientated books with binding along either the top edge or left hand side edge. You can also customise your document with options like wire colour, paper-weight, tab inserts and acetate cover options to make your document as unique as you are!


Options for spiral bound document printing

  • Blue paper icon
    Size / Orientation

    A5 portrait
    Left hand or top binding edge

    A5 landscape
    Left hand or top binding edge

  • Blue paper icon

    Black & White
    80-300gsm (plain or satin)

    80-300gsm (plain or satin)

    Printed covers are 300gsm as standard and printed single sided

  • Blue paper icon
    Quantity / Pages

    Minimum order
    1 copy

    Single sided
    1 page to 300 pages

    Double sided
    2 pages to 600 pages

  • Inside front and back covers are white as standard
  • Contents can be printed in either colour or black/white
  • Pages can be printed double or single sided
  • Colour cover - First and last pages printed on 300gsm silk finish card
  • Black and white cover - First and last pages printed on 300gsm silk finish card
  • No cover - First and last pages printed on the same weight paper as the rest of the document
  • White card - 300gsm silk plain white card is added as a cover
  • Black card - 300gsm silk plain white card is added as a cover

Print a spiral bound document

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