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Update Friday 12th June

Following the announcement that most kids will be back in school until September we've been inundated with Free Maths Tests orders(over 150,000 packs). If you have a question about the process please watch our Youtube video

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Update April 28th 2020

We’ve now taken over 35,000 free maths tests orders and counting.

Update March 22nd 2020

We have finished reconfiguring our servers.

Update March 20th 2020

Over the last 2 days, we have received over 20,000 orders for free maths tests. We are working very hard to reconfigure our servers to keep up with demand. Please check again tomorrow.

Update March 19th 2020

Doxdirect.com have printed maths tests for free for 12 months – unwittingly in the last couple of days the level of interest we have experienced is way beyond what was anticipated when we started the project as both good publicity and a nice thing to do for the community. Please share the service with family and friends.

Printable Times Tables

Here at Doxdirect we’ve created a handy tool which lets you generate free printable maths worksheets from the comfort of your own home. So, whether you need to get your kids practising to become math geniuses, you are a teacher who needs some invaluable sheets for your students or you are simply a maths freak who loves crunching numbers then get generating your free worksheets! Simply start by choosing the numbers you want to be tested on. Next choose what type of questions you require (+, -, x, ÷ ) then simply click Free Print, and hey presto you are one step away from getting free Maths Worksheets!
Download as many as you’d like, get 50 sheets printed for free or order any quantity and we’ll print and deliver them to your door.