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Plant, sow, let’s grow!

Posted in News on 04 May 2020

Last spring, we sent 3000 Butterfly and Bee Mixture Seed packets with your orders to raise some awareness about the situation our precious bees are in, and encouraged you to create your own pollinator-friendly garden!

Bees need our help: they’re critical pollinators — alongside butterflies and hummingbirds.
A third of the worlds crops depend on them, and it’s not only food and crops, honey and wax are two other important products that come from bees. These awesome insects pollinate up to 70 types of crop. Honey bees as a species are not in danger of extinction, but their ability to support the industry of commercial pollination and a large portion of our food supply, is in serious danger. By planting a bee garden, you can help the bees by adding a flower-rich habitat outside your home!

After the roaring success of last year’s giveaway, we thought it would be radishulous not to sprinkle some seeds of happiness again! So this spring, we are going to be sending seeds again instead of sweets (don’t worry kids, it’s just temporary). And given the current situation, it feels appropriate to be sending a wider array of seeds, both flowers and vegetables! This time you could get anything from sunflowers to spinach!

Plant, sow, let’s grow!

Last year our lovely customers did a great job helping out our little flying friends, and so we received many emails, photographs and all types of lovely feedback regarding these wonderful flowers and seeds. And for a little encouragement, we bring you 2019’s favourite ones…

We would love to see the progress, so don’t forget to instatwitface about your seeds!

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