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8 Awesome Printed and Personalised Father’s Day Gifts

Posted in News on 28 May 2014

With Father’s Day swiftly approaching it’s time to think about that elusive Father’s Day gift. Something funny? Something sweet? Something with a personal touch? Dads can be so difficult to buy for, especially when keeping to a budget. As great as it would be to get him a new car, a drum kit or an array of top of the range power tools, in many cases it’s just not possible (sorry dads!).

So we have come up with 8 different gift ideas you can get for your dad. Without an unnecessary gadget, comedy tie or sudoku loo roll in sight! Whether it be silly, sweet or fun, there’s something for everyone as each idea is a personal gift from you to your dad. You can get each of these gifts through Doxdirect without breaking the bank, meaning it has never been easier to say THANK YOU DAD and let him know you care.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Must Dash! There’s moustache fun to be had!
FREE Download!

I say! Time for some tomfoolery old chap! Yes indeed – everybody loves a funny photo! So get stuck in and download and order these moustache templates through Doxdirect (for best results, order them on a heavy weight paper – thats A4, 280gsm).

Once they’ve arrived, cut out the moustaches (careful now!), find some twigs, skewers, straws or bamboo and fix them to the back of each item.

Tally-ho! Let the silliness commence! Take plenty of daft photos of the two of you and put your favourite ones in a frame to remember the spiffing time you had.

Send your pictures to service@doxdirect.com or tweet them to @doxdirect – we’d love to see them!!

Moustache kit

Moustache Fun – Print Details

Print type: A4 No Binding
Print details: Single Sided, A4, Matt, Colour, 280gsm
Cost*: £1.61 – delivered!
Additional materials/effort required: Sticks. Tape. Camera. A belly full of laughs.
Download your free Moustache Template now!
Type of gift: Silly

2. World Cup A2 Fixtures Poster – FREE Download!

Pssst… you may have heard, the World Cup is happening – and soon! If you didn’t know, how did you miss that??

Brazil is going to be completely full of fun, festivals and football.

To keep track of all the goals and glory, we are putting together a handy World Cup fixtures chart that will be available for download very soon. A perfect gift for father’s day. Check out our blog next week for details.

And why not get one for yourself, a friend or to put up at work while you’re at it.


World Cup Fixtures Poster – Print Details

Print type: A2 Poster
Print details: Single Sided, A2, Matt or Gloss, Colour, 170gsm
Cost*: A2 – £5.56 – delivered!
Additional materials/effort required: None.
Type of gift: Useful and Fun

(Available to order Wednesday 4th June – check our Blog, Twitter or Facebook for details!)

3. Hardback Photo Book

Considering the amount of photos we all snap day to day, we don’t tend to print them anymore. Change that – put together a photo book of some brilliant memories. Why not even leave some space at the back to stick some future ones in?

For bonus points – take some silly Moustache photos (see above) and add them into your photo book!

Printed photobook

Hardback Photo Book – Print Details

Print type: A4 or A5 Hardback Book (20 pages)
Print details: Double Sided, Matt, Colour, 100gsm
Cost*: A4 – £28.40, A5 – £13.15 – delivered!
Additional materials/effort required: Collecting some brilliant photos and creating a Word or PDF document to upload. Something that might take a bit of time but is well worth the effort!
Type of gift: Sentimental

4. A Token of Thanks

Create a series of tokens for your dad to use throughout the day, the month or – if you’re feeling extra generous – the year! This could either be an A5 wiro bound book with pages to tick off or rip out, or maybe a series of loose leaf sheets you can fold up put into a shoe box for him to pick out a lucky dip every now and then.

Hmmmm here’s the test though – how nice are you feeling? And what would your Dad really want? Only you know what would be a real treat. But here are some suggestions

Dad – today I will wash the car.
Dad – this evening I will do the dishes.
Dad – this week I will spend an afternoon of quality time with you (and not check Facebook).
Dad – let’s go for a walk at the weekend for at least half an hour, so I can listen to your very funny jokes and interesting facts about nature.

Whatever you choose, the beauty of it is it will be completely personalised to you and your dad.

Dirty dishes

A Token of Thanks – Print Details

Print type: A5 Wiro Book (based on 20 pages)
Print details: Double sided, A5, Colour, 120gsm, Matt
Cost*: £5.67 – delivered!
Additional materials/effort required: Depending on what you promise – a little time and elbow grease.
Type of Gift: Very useful!

5. Storytime

Write him a funny story and illustrate it with your drawings or put together some of your favourite memories of you and your dad. You could get this bound as a saddle stitched book or maybe even a beautiful hardback book so he can keep it forever.

Printed storybook

Storytime – Print Details

Print type: A5 Saddle Stitch (20 pages)
Print details: Double sided, A5, Colour, 170gsm, Matt
Cost*: £6.25 – delivered!
Additional materials/effort required: Some creativity and writing skills.
Type of gift: Sentimental

6. YOU! Big, Bold and A0 size!

Yes, I mean an A0 poster of YOU!! Well, you want to make sure he won’t forget his favourite child??! We’re sure your dad would be over the moon!! OK, well maybe not – but it might make for laugh or two! Alternatively, if you’ve already got him something you know he will like, you could order a smaller version (A3 or A2) and use it as wrapping paper, so he knows who his awesome gift is from!

Father's day poster

A0 YOU – Print Details

Print type: A2-A0 Poster
Print details: Single Sided, A2, A1 or A0, Colour, 170gsm
Cost*: A2 – £5.56, A1 – £10.32, A0 – £23.81 – delivered!
Additional materials/effort required: A good selfie.
Type of gift: Hilarious


This has only scratched the surface of what you can do – really the possibilities are endless. From A3 posters of chore sheets (feeling generous?), or made up games (creativity here we come!) to music scores or lyrics for karaoke (depending how you value your ears!). Maybe a book with details about a particular hobby (DIY? Gardening? Whisky check list??!) or even a generic note book with your dad’s name on the cover, so he won’t lose those lists of household jobs or golfing competitions.

The beauty is that each and every gift will be personal, and what better type of gift is there to give? Okay, yes, the drum kit would be cool…

Tell us what you’re planning for Father’s Day or send us some photos of the day via our FacebookTwitter or by email ( service@doxdirect.com) and you may even appear in a future blog!


*All prices are correct at time of posting and are dependent on page count and printing options selected.