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Top 10 reasons for not printing at the office (and use Doxdirect instead)

Posted in Printing Tips and Tricks on 03 September 2014

There are many perils to beware of when printing at the office, the Top 10 of which are explored below…

1. You know it will always be the time you send something to print that there will be that well timed elusive paper jam.

2. The ink will have run out and you will end up having to chase IT for a replacement cartridge for the entire afternoon.

3. While we’re at it – there’s no paper in any of the printer trays! And suddenly there is a paper drought, not only your department but the entire company. I mean really, how does that happen?!!

Printer problems

4. When you have back to back meetings alllll day (including that essential 11am with Amanda from Marketing to find out what reeeeeallly happened between her and Matt at the last office party) you just don’t have time to wait for the printer to warm up and print your entire 63 page document. The minute you leave its side, someone will come along and mess up the page order completely! Nope, on days like these you need it to turn up nice and neatly just how you wanted it, hassle free and ready to go…

Office catch up

5. By merely looking at the printer, somehow you always seem to end up covered in ink smudges and paper dust. It’s just not a good look, especially as you don’t have a change of clothes before you hit those after work drinks.

6. Paper cuts just saying! It’s a dangerous business this printing malarkey. Oooh the stories we could tell…

7.When you’ve had to dive behind that (just-too-small) yucca plant for the 5th time that week to escape Martin from Finance as he tries to chat you up AGAIN while you’re at the photocopier. Awkward!

Printing solution

8. You will have more time to put towards running your day with efficiency and precision, filling it with those all important tasks (i.e. catching up on all the office gossip/tending to your animals on Farm Heroes Saga, tweeting about what you had for lunch, and digesting all the educational information found in todays Daily Fail gossip column).

We print your documents

9. When you order with Doxdirect, you can feel oh-so-smug when you turn up to your next team meeting with a beautifully (yet economically) bound document, including handy copies for all involved. Warning: your boss will love you for taking the initiative and producing such lovely work. However your co-workers won’t when you put them to shame as they turn up with their scrappy pieces of office print… Oh dear.

Print online instead

10. Finally and most importantly of all – do you get a free packet of Haribo every time you print in the office? “No!” we hear you say?! Well then, nuff said.

Have a good week!