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What colours shall I use?!

Posted in Printing Tips and Tricks on 25 July 2016

We all know that using colour brightens up a document, and that sometimes different colours convey different moods, so is it worth taking this into account when designing? 

Well if you don’t fancy spending a couple of hundred quid on an accredited colourist (yes – this is an actual job title that people make money doing) then feel free to look at this colour chart we’ve created.

It gives an idea of the emotions that each colour can be associated with. Some people would say that understanding the psychology of colour is vital for logo design, and that certain colours in the work place can motivate and encourage. But it’s also worth taking into account that sometimes logos are reproduced in monotone, or reversed out, and a nice cup of tea can be just as motivational as some yellow on the wall.

Personally I love colour, and I love to splash it around all over the place. If you have created a document then embrace the use of colour, it will break up the text, give it more interest and draw the eye.

All in all I would say use of colour for psychological purposes is worth considering, but given the fact that one in 12 people are colour blind, I wouldn’t start googling your closest colourist.Print