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The colour ran, and so did we

Posted in Behind the scenes at Doxdirect on 18 July 2013

Don’t panic, I’m not talking about the vivid colour on our beautifully printed Doxdirect documents. I’m talking about The Color Run, otherwise know as the happiest 5k on the planet. And it’s true, it really is. A few of us were lucky enough to be able to bag a place in Wembley’s run, which was bursting full of fun, colour and a lot of very happy people.

For those of you who have missed this colour loving hullabaloo, let me fill you in. The Color Run is a one of a kind experience, aimed at absolutely everyone. Walkers, runners, young and old, we all came together for 5 kilometres of rainbow mayhem, knowing that as we made our way round the course we would be doused from head to toe in a multitude of hues. The official charity behind the run is Stand Up To Cancer, but it also is an event that encourages the celebration of health, happiness, individuality and giving back to the community (Be Healthy. Be Happy. Be You). There are only two very important rules….

  1. Wear white at the startline
  2. Finish plastered in colour.

Simple really!

The race pack that had been sent out a week earlier, included a pristine white Color Run t-shirt and sweat band which everyone donned with pride. And despite the thousands of entrants all sweltering in the glorious sunshine, there was still a whole host of colourful wigs, luminous leg-warmers, customised t-shirts and one or two snug looking onesies!! So taking this into consideration it would have been rude not to join in by purchasing a novelty multicoloured tutu right?!

The very gorgeous Dulux dog (sponsors) officially started the race which thankfully also meant the end of waiting in a very compact, hot and sticky crowd with temperatures of 32 degrees! Oyeee! (I would be lying if I told you by then my mind hadn’t wandered to a shady glade with a glass of Pimms…!) But as we began and were set upon by a barrage of kids with water guns (thankyou guys!), the crowds dissipated as we went about our varying speeds, and the heat became a lot more bearable.

I had intended to run the whole thing relatively seriously, but as the first colour station neared, there was no way you could take it as anything other than fun fun fun! It appeared in the distance like some kind of hazy magenta mirage. Pink powder filled the air while a very elaborately dressed mascot cheered and high-fived everyone who passed. As volunteers threw coloured powered onto the runners, there was dancing, twirling and a few even took to rolling on the floor not one without a joyously disbelieving smile on their face! The atmosphere was absolutely contagious and despite all good intentions to keep on running I couldn’t help but spend a few seconds to stay and play! This continued, a different colour at each kilometre, blue, yellow, orange and then the home straight.

The fun didn’t stop there! As we crossed the finish line everyone was handed their own individual sachet of coloured powder and encouraged to join in the colour festival. An unbelievable after party, music, dancing and an explosion of kaleidoscopic colour everywhere. I could not recommend taking part enough!

For more information and details on upcoming events (there’s still time to get involved!) visit The Color Run website. Plus, don’t forget to visit Stand Up to Cancer for more information on the incredible work they do.

Thank you Color Run! We came, we ran, we raved.

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