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Lost & Found! Posters Printed to Help Find Squid the Missing Cat

Posted in Doxstars: The things you print on 06 March 2015

Britain has an indisputable reputation for being a nation of cat lovers (in total over 7.7 million of our households own a cat), and Fashion Illustrator Gracie Absley – who studies at the famous London College of Fashion – is certainly no different. When Gracie came to us in tears over losing her poor, beloved 2 year old kitty named Squid, well of course we just jumped at the chance of reuniting them. Luckily, Squid’s tale was a happy one to recite, but sadly the fate of some missing cats is not often as fortunate. Here, Gracie speaks of her joy at finding her beloved pet, after having free Missing Cat posters printed with Doxdiect.

What gave you the idea to get in touch with Doxdirect to advertise your missing cat?

I knew I needed to put posters around our local area because she has a microchip and I had contacted all the local vets. I got in touch with Doxdirect because you had the best price for quality of service.

When did you realise your cat was first missing, and how did you manage to find it again?

I realised my cat was missing straight away as she normally comes home every night, and then one evening she didn’t return it was very upsetting. She’s my baby!

Did you find our customer service quick and helpful?

I was amazed by the customer service, these days your lucky to get any at all. The Doxdirect team were so lovely and helpful.

Would you recommend us to your friends, if their pets ever went missing too?

I would most definitely recommend the service to anyone else needing any printing – it’s a brilliant price and quality. Also anyone who has lost a pet will understand that you need to get posters up as soon as possible, with the fast printing and postage service I was able to get them up straight away.

Is there any advice you could give other cat owners to help them keep track of their felines?

I have now put a collar on Squid to make sure if she goes missing again someone can contact me straight away.

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If you have a missing pet, we’ll print your posters FREE OF CHARGE (we’re nice like that).

Helpful Resources

See the websites below for further advice on next steps, if you are going through the traumatic experience of losing a pet: