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Spruce up!

Posted in News on 10 December 2020
Spruce up your garden with a Norwegian Spruce!
(see what we did there)

It’s that time again when we treat our customers to something a bit different from the usual sweet treats. We’ve given away flower seeds, vegetable seeds and now it’s time for christmas tree seeds!

Not only is this a fantastic thing to do for yourselves, it’s also the perfect way to get involved in ‘Plant Britain‘. This is a new initiative from BBC’s Countryfile. They want to get everyone planting in a two year project which aims to help wildlife and our own wellbeing. So, why not record your planting on their interactive map and follow the nation’s planting progress!

If you are receiving an order from us in the next week or two, look out for the seeds. Have fun planting them, and please let us know how they’re doing on our facebook, instagram and twitter pages. And if you haven’t got the space or means to plant them yourself, why not pass them on to a friend or neighbour?

Follow these instructions for perfect planting, and good luck!

spruce tree seeds

spruce tree seeds

spruce tree seeds