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Protect your pets: Data shows that Norwich pets are most at risk

Posted in Behind the scenes at Doxdirect on 06 February 2020

Here at Doxdirect, we love pets – from dogs to rabbits to hamsters, pets are part of the family. Therefore we also know how difficult it is to be separated from them, and how devastating it can be when they go missing.

For that reason, we print missing pet posters free of charge – with no strings attached.

In the last two years, we have seen a 132% increase in requests for these posters on our website, which is why we have decided to analyse our internal data to find out which areas of the UK are most common for missing pets.

The top 10 towns and cities where pets are most likely to go missing are:

  1. Norwich
  2. Birmingham
  3. Manchester
  4. Oxford
  5. Stroke-On-Trent
  6. Plymouth
  7. Bristol
  8. Glasgow
  9. Leicester
  10. Warrington


If your pet has gone missing, you can print 50 copies of your poster free of charge here: Free missing pet posters/


Finding a lost pet

Contact your microchip company:

Microchipping offers the best chance of finding a lost pet. It’s important to call the microchip company that your pet is registered to and report them as missing. This will notify anyone who finds your pet and takes them to a vet to be scanned. It’s important to make sure your contact details are up to date.


Call your local dog warden:

If it’s a dog that has gone missing, do a quick search for your local dog warden online. Dog wardens will hold on to a lost or stray dog for seven days before considering the next options.


Notify your neighbours:

Your pet may have wandered into local sheds or garages, so it’s worth asking your neighbours to look out for them. You should also consider getting posters printed with good quality imagery (ensuring to include any distinguishing features), as well as the name your pet answers to, approximate size and your contact details in case they have strayed further afield. As desperate as you may be to be reunited with your pet, we wouldn’t recommend offering a reward, as this could convince people that they are worth a lot of money  and tempt them to sell your beloved pet on if they find it.


Tempt your pet with treats:

If you are concerned that your pet has not returned home, walk around your neighbourhood calling your pet. Try and be as cheerful as possible, and shake a bag of biscuits or treats to get their attention.


Take advantage of social media:

Social media is also a fantastic tool; platforms such as Facebook and Twitter make it easy to get the word out quickly. As with printed posters, it’s important to include your pet’s name, breed, size and any features that will differentiate your pet from others. Don’t forget to keep an eye on local community noticeboards, as well as lost and found pages.


Louise Gipps, our Customer Service Manager, said:

“Pets are often such an important part of family life that it’s absolutely devastating when they go missing. At Doxdirect, we are fully aware of the impact this can have, which is why we want to do as much as we can to keep families up and down the country together, printing missing pet posters free of charge – no strings attached.


“We hope that this list will help pet owners in areas around the UK stay aware and alert in keeping their pets safe and sound, as well as offer a helping hand to those currently looking for a beloved animal.”