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Presenting Your Past in Print

Posted in Printing Tips and Tricks on 23 January 2013

These days social media sites such as Facebook act as a kind of storage platform; indexing past online conversations/events/photographs. In essence, a platform for storing memories for future perusal and remembrance. While this is at points a useful tool, it is a hopelessly impersonal plateau of our endemically personal, private and cherished memories. Anybody can see your photos/comments/activity in a way which removes, or at least fractures, the nostalgic, fragile and precious nature of their existence.

an example of book binding

Perhaps as a retort held in response to this impersonalisation of our pasts, people are more and more frequently putting together their own memoirs, travel logs, wedding photographs and holiday experiences into a booklet/book for us at Doxdirect to print off for them. This seems to us a fantastic way of bringing a personal, more private edge to the increasing “facebook-ifying” (if you will!) of our pasts. For instance, people can elect to choose the style and presentation of their travel logs in whatever manner they deem fit, be that an emphasis on photographs or text; whatever they want they can get. Lots of people have been transferring their blogs to booklets/bound books so they have a more tangible and personal copy of their transcriptions and photographs.

This, to us at least, seems such a good way of negotiating a way of retaining a private, tangible ledger of our most valued life experiences. We’re in no way trying to say that Facebook is a bad thing – it is actually a fantastic tool for recording photographs and events of our lives we may otherwise have forgotten. However, the problem that many seem to be finding is in the worlds now increased lack of non-digital ephemera. Solutions such as our book printing and booklet printing services suture the gap perfectly between the digital accessibility of people’s records and their urge to retain it within a more tangible, personal format.

Our binding services offer both paperback and hardback options for whatever style you’re looking for; the paperback binding is cheaper and looks more casual, the hardback is more expensive but looks a tad more austere and Book Binding classical. Whether you’re looking to print and bind your memoirs for future generations, simply wanting a tangible record of your blog or wanting a hardbound copy of your thesis; Doxdirect’s book and booklet printing services will be a huge help for helping you hold on to the memories of the past.

So, if you’re interested in any of the above, check out our book printing and booklet printing pages for more information on keeping in touch with the past for the benefit of your future.