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One Headline to Rule Them All

Posted in Uncategorized on 09 October 2018

If our favourite news publications like The Sun, the Independent, the Daily Mail, the Guardian, Cosmopolitan and Business Insider could be epitomised using a single headline, what would that headline be? And would there be any feasible way to calculate it?

This question certainly piqued our interest, and so the Doxtors launched a big investigation!

We’ve analysed over 100,000 pages from each of these publications to discover which words appear the most in their article headlines, subheadings, kickers and captions.

Armed with these words, we’ve tied them together into fantastical stories that showcase which people, objects, events and places crop up the most in their articles. From compulsive decisions and the mockery of hairdos to strange football tactics and presidential brawls – we’ve got the lot!