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Help us plant 1,000 trees this December

Posted in News on 04 December 2018

Real talk. We go through thousands of sheets of a paper a day, and it matters that the paper we use comes from sustainable and responsible sources. Why? Because it’s 2018 and our planet needs a bit of a helping hand these days.

Our paper comes from FSC certified suppliers, who follow the 10 principles of forest management. While that sounds very official, it means that we only get our paper supplies from forests that agree to treat the planet – and their workers – with care and respect. It’s a bit of a no-brainer as far as we’re concerned.

But this year we got to thinking that maybe we could do something more. Something bigger, and better. So we looked around to see where we could use our super-printing skills to maybe help save the universe. Or at least our little patch of it.

That’s when we decided to team up with the incredible organization TREE AID.

As a Christmas present from us to the world, we’re going to fund the planting of up to 1000 trees by TREE AID.

Introducing: TREE AID

Working alongside locally-based teams in the dry-lands of Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali and Niger and the isolated areas of Ethiopia, since 1987, TREE AID has planted over 16 million trees – or one tree every 30 seconds, in places where trees can mean the difference between life and death. But that’s not all. TREE AID is committed to ensuring that the people living in the dry-lands have access to food, support, and the rights to the trees and land they need in order to survive.

Before 2022 TREE AID is committed to:

  • Growing another 8 million trees.
  • Helping to lift 2.5 million people out of poverty by growing incomes, creating jobs and diversifying diets.
  • Restoring over 250,000 hectares of degraded land.
  • Promoting people’s rights to trees by working with local and national policy maker.

Our decision to get involved with TREE AID makes total sense as far as we’re concerned. With their international experience in helping people where they need it most, respecting and defending the planet, as well as promoting sustainable development, we were completely won over.

“We are so pleased to be working in partnership with doxdirect.com to help people living in the dry-lands of Africa. With dedicated supporters like doxdirect.com, we are able to work with more communities so they can grow their way out of poverty and protect their environment, all using the power of trees.”

Mark Flower, the High Value and Corporate Fundraising Manager for TREE AID

To help do our bit to give back, for every order that is placed in December, we’re going to fund a tree being planted. It’s that simple. Which means that it’s up to you how well we do. We’re ready to plant 1000 trees, and we need your help.

Ways You Can Help

The easiest way: Place an order with Doxdirect before the end of December. Our goal is 1000 trees, and we need your printing orders to help make this possible.
The social way: Help us to spread the word about this amazing project, and the incredible work that TREE AID do by sharing on Twitter or Facebook to increase the awareness of the campaign. #doxdirect #trees
The superhero way: You can do the above, and we’re also encouraging people to donate to TREE AID this Christmas so that they can continue their vital work.

Do something for the planet this Christmas, and let’s do our bit for the planet.