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Create an Effective Book Title and Jacket

Posted in Printing Tips and Tricks on 20 January 2014

When you hear the saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ apply it to everything else in life except an actual book. If we were to reinvent a saying that would be relevant for a successful book then it would be ‘By all means judge a book by its cover’. Out of thousands of books on shelves there is a slim chance that your book will be picked up by a curious reader, however, following some simple steps from a bunch of friendly printing experts can really increase the chances that someone will pick it up and even take it home! Below is a guideline on how to design and send to print an effective book title and jacket!

The Familiar Emotional Response

When starting at the title of the book I usually recommend the ‘familiar emotional response’. This means that giving your book a title where the reader will respond with a familiar thought and link to an emotional aspect will help to further your cause. A good example of this is the book ‘Mr Darcy’s Secret’ by Jane Odiwe where the first thing someone thinks of is Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice and the burning question ‘what secret?!’ Another great example is the Novel ‘Eighth Grade Bites’ by Heather Brewer which automatically gets a reader thinking along the lines of ‘bites…blood? Vampires?!’ Always have a title that will directly link to the main theme of the book but leave a small mystery to create a sense of curiosity. However, also take into account the fact that some books will sell whether or not the title evokes a familiar emotional response. One which comes to mind is the book ‘Blue Like Jazz’ by Donald Miller which went on to sell millions of copies…even though advisors and publicists were strongly against the title. Sometimes going with gut instinct is the best way forward!

The Cover Images

Images on the cover are as important as the title. An image on a cover should create an emotional response and allow the reader to freely connect with the book on display. Sometimes a reader will gravitate towards a book only because of its cover image and then take a look at the title (which is why both are equally important!)You never really know what might work…it all depends on what you feel will be the best representation of your book. Many experienced authors advise that although it is wise to listen to other people (such as friends or if it is being published professionally then your publicist) it is also essential to listen to your ‘inner voice’. This means combining the advice from your publicist/colleagues/friends but ultimately making the decision that you feel more gravity towards.

Colour and Font

Before your book goes to printing there needs to be some thought going into the colour of the image front and font of the title. Different colours can represent a mood and rely it to the reader so it is best to scan a colour mood chart to get a sense of what direction you would like to go with for colour. Font size is entirely up to you but it is advised that clear and bold fonts be used so that the reader can effortlessly read the title instead of having to squint to try and make out the words and letters.

There are so many things to consider when searching for the right title and jacket (cover) from the font sizes to the images. There is much to consider and a lot of the time publicists will advise you to be technical and go on the extensive research to increase sales but here at Doxdirect we want you to have fun with your cover and title. Sometimes going on the whim and sending to print what you feel works out great; all you have to remember is if the content speaks to the masses it will sell anyway.