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8 Emotional Stages of a Dissertation Meltdown

Posted in Dissertation printing (and writing!) on 08 May 2015

If you are currently experiencing any of the below early stages of ‘the dissertation meltdown’, then we recommend you seek help from your most straight-talking mate immediately!

1. Game Face


You’re on top of your game, you’re feeling motivated – damn, you could give Kanye West a run for his money dog!

2. Self-Delusion


Okay, so basically you’ve spent the whole day productively glued to the sofa, shouting at Jeremy Kyle’s entertaining guests, and scoffing last night’s Papa John’s pizza in your Primarni onesie – go you, multi-tasker!

3. Reality Bites


Still only two lovingly-crafted sentences into your introduction, writing the rest is now a looming mountain that seems humanly impossible to tackle. Wake up and smell the dissertation coffee sunshine!

4. Mental Block


Days pass where you have an absolute mental block from sitting by your desk for too long…
You end up deleting so much that your word count is actually lower than when you started.

5. Lightbulb Moment


Drenched in cold sweats, you awake from your dissertation hand-in related nightmare – inspiration has struck!…

‘By jove I think I’ve got it’!

6. Swag


Fuelled on by adrenaline (and a half-baked escape plan) you finally start making some actual progress.
Time for a quick swag to reward yourself!

7. Procrastination


Eurgh stop procrastinating. Listening to Ed Sheeran isn’t gonna win you this (he’s a multi-millionaire global superstar, do you really think he would be wasting time twiddling his thumbs, if he was in your sorry boots right now? Don’t think so!!)

8. Raise a glass


Then, finally, you get a grip, you think you might have finally finished…
Here’s a drink to that, you did it!

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