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5 Free Printable Workout Plans

Posted in News on 23 October 2015

Detoxing before the big December retox? Shedding pounds before they mysteriously reappear on Boxing Day? Building a beach body for a winter holiday in the sun? It seems like a lot of you are thinking about this lately, as we’ve noticed more and more fitness and nutrition plans rolling out of our printers lately.

With that in mind, we’ve been on the lookout for some great fitness guides to help get maximum results over the next few weeks, before ‘the party season’ begins. Here are 5 free printable workout plans we’ve found online..

Download your free printable workout plans

1. Simple fitness for everyone

A range of illustrated PDF workout plans. Some have a small download charge but there are many free ones amongst them.

Free Printable Workout Plan Spiral Bound

2. Workouts you can do at home

These workouts can be done in your home or hotel room, with no gym equipment required. Perfect for hanging on to your fitness throughout the holidays.

Free Printable Workout Plan Unbound

3. At the gym or on the beach

Printable workout plans to take to the gym, including individual and partner workouts, toning exercises and beach sports.

Free Printable Workout Plan Ring Bound

4. All round bodybuilding

Arms, legs, chest, back, shoulders and abs weightlifting guides for an all-over body workout at the gym or at home.

Free Printable Workout Plan Book

5. Knowing what to eat

This free introductory guide comes in the form of a daily email over 2 weeks, with fat loss advice covering nutrition as well as fitness. If you like the initial results, you can sign up for a full 90 day printable plan tailored for your goals and body type.

If you prefer not to use your phone or tablet during your gym workout, or want to read your workout plan on the train or at home, why not print a copy to take with you? Doxdirect can print and bind any PDF you download in a range of convenient options – paperback, hardback, spiral bound, or even a ring bound folder to keep all your plans together in one place.

You can get an instant quote using our Price Calculator, and all you need to print your workout plan is one or more PDF files to upload!

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