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  • Saddle stitch booklet

Booklet printing

Whatever document it is you need booklet printing, we can help. With our simple upload, click and customise system your professionally printed documents will be at your door in no time.

Doxdirect offer traditional saddle stitched binding for booklets and brochures up to 128 pages in length, and in addition, for a booklet that is up to 10mm thick, Doxdirect can finish this as a square back spine booklet. Printed on high-quality paper with either a gloss or matt finish, this binding type is great for brochures and sales or marketing collateral.

For booklets with more pages which are thicker than 10mm, we recommend spiral binding as a cost effective way of turning your documents into a robust and professional looking booklet.

Why does Dox call them saddle stitched booklets?

Each multiple of 4 pages of the document is printed double sided on a single sheet of paper, and this sheet is called a signature. The number of pages in a booklet document must be divisible by 4, so a 32 page document would have 8 signatures. These signatures are folded and gathered together or collated. These gathered signatures are now known as a section, and this section is dropped on a “saddle”. Stitching heads then thread wire from a spool and these shorts wires are cinched to form the recognisable staples in a booklet. Hence the term saddle stitched booklet.

Doxdirect’s standard sizes are A4 booklets and A5 booklets, and intermediate and smaller sizes are also possible. As is loop stitching, which is a great way to finish a booklet that needs to be inserted into a ring-binder for storage. For these options place an order and then contact doxdirect customer service.

The most popular finishing options for A4 colour booklets is 160gsm plain text with a colour cover printed on 300gsm plain.

Whereas for A5, more popular is black and white mono on 80gsm all printed on the same stock, or no cover as we call it on the site.

We also offer ring binding, paperback book binding and hardback book binding as printing and binding styles. For full details and specifications of each binding style see our document binding styles page. As with all Doxdirect products they are fully customisable with different paper-weights and cover options to create exactly what you need.


Options for booklet printing

  • Blue paper icon
    Size, orientation & binding edge

    A4 portrait
    Left hand binding edge

    A4 landscape
    Top binding edge

    A5 portrait or landscape
    Left hand or top binding edge

  • Blue paper icon

    Black & White
    80-300gsm (plain or satin)

    80-300gsm (plain or satin)

    Printed covers are 300gsm double sided as standard

  • Blue paper icon
    Quantity / Pages

    Minimum order
    1 copy

    Saddle stitched
    Double sided only:
    4 pages to 128 pages

Multiple formats of booklet printing and alternative binding types are available. Please see the relevant page for full details and specifications for each binding style.

  • Saddle stitched binding
  • Spiral binding
  • Ring binding
  • Hardback book binding
  • Paperback book binding

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Other products we print

In addition to booklet printing, Doxdirect offers a range of binding styles and printing options for whatever you need. We offer paperback book binding, spiral/wire and ring binding as well as saddle stitched binding. Please see the binding options page for further information on any of these binding styles. If you need a certain type of product printing, for example brochures, flyers, posters or dissertation printing please see our product overview page for more information.